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Student Affairs Staff

Emily Diomandes's picture

Emily Diomandes

Assistant Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator

Dean of Students, Student Affairs

(401) 341-2640

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Kathleen Farley's picture

Kathleen Farley

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Dean of Students, Student Affairs

(401) 341-2206

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Jennifer Jensen's picture

Jennifer Jensen

Associate Dean of Students, FYT Instructor

Dean of Students, Student Affairs

(401) 341-2209

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Kim McKillop's picture

Kim McKillop

Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Student Affairs

(401) 341-2180

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Dr Sami Nassim's picture

Dr Sami Nassim

Assistant Vice President for Diversity Initiatives and Retention, FYT Instructor

Multicultural Programs and Retention, Student Affairs

(401) 341-2480

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