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Administration of Justice

Academic Department

The Department of Administration of Justice provides broad-based coverage of the justice system, including law enforcement, corrections, the judicial system, probation, parole and juvenile justice.

Our undergraduate programs prepare students to become leaders and outstanding practitioners in careers related to the justice system and for advanced educational opportunities, such as law school or other graduate schools. Our graduate programs address the professional requirements of justice practitioners and develop morally imbued individuals who serve their communities guided by the principles of equal respect.

We also offer an accelerated program of study that leads to both a bachelor's and a master's degree within five years.


Administration of Justice (B.A., Minor)

From traditional training in justice and criminology to advanced digital forensics, our bachelor’s degree in administration of justice prepares students for tomorrow’s workforce by providing the skills necessary to succeed in our increasingly complex technical, scientific and interpersonal global environment.

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Administration of Justice and Homeland Security (M.S.)

Our cutting-edge master's degree in administration of justice and homeland security cultivates leaders and practitioners ready to tackle the security issues of today's increasingly technological and global environment.

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Cybersecurity and Intelligence (CGS)

As the need for cybersecurity specialists continues to escalate, our graduate certificate in cybersecurity and intelligence trains managers to lead in this rapidly-changing environment and bridge the communication gap between management and technicians.

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Digital Forensics (CGS)

Our graduate certificate in digital forensics introduces students to the fundamental principles and techniques of computer network architecture, proper evidence storage collection, and federal rules and criminal codes.

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Leadership in Justice (CGS)

Focusing on strategic management in a multicultural, technological and collaborative environment, our graduate certificate in leadership in justice combines a core administration of justice focus with electives in the management and holistic leadership fields.

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