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Campus Readiness Group

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Salve Regina's campus readiness group is tasked with developing new procedures and guidance in response to the coronavirus pandemic, with a focus on the safety of our students, faculty, staff and the public we interact with.

The primary goals for our response to the coronavirus pandemic are to:

  • Protect the health, safety and well-being of our campus community.
  • Continue to advance the core teaching and learning mission of the University.
  • Practice our mercy values through a demonstrated commitment to the common good, working to build a more harmonious, just and merciful world through our decisions, leadership and action.

Our plans are aligned and consistent with local orders and ordinances of Newport County, as well as the state of Rhode Island's phased reopening model. Our plans also follow recommendations from the federal government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Rhode Island Department of Health. Our knowledge and understanding of the virus continues to evolve, and our procedures and guidance will be updated as appropriate.

Members of the Campus Readiness Group

  • Dr. Kelli J. Armstrong, president
  • Irving Bruckstein, associate vice president for information technology/chief information officer
  • Erin FitzGerald, director of international programs
  • William Hall, vice president for administration/chief financial officer
  • Kristine Hendrickson, associate vice president for university relations/chief communications officer
  • Nancy Escher, director of human resources
  • Dr. Jim Ludes, vice president for public research and initiatives (coordinator)
  • Eric Milner, assistant vice president for facilities management
  • Dr. Nancy Schreiber, provost/vice president for academic affairs
  • J. Malcolm Smith, vice president for student affairs

Working Groups

Academic Affairs
Lead: Dr. Nancy Schreiber

Lead: Kristine Hendrickson

Lead: William Hall

Health and Safety
Lead: Eric Milner

Student Affairs
Lead: J. Malcolm Smith

Lead: Irving Bruckstein

Lead: Nancy Escher