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Salve Regina remains committed to beginning the 2020-2021 academic year on campus in Newport. Our highest priority is the health, safety and security of our students, faculty and staff as we continue to navigate uncharted waters amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Our approach may differ from some institutions and align with others. Like every college or university, we are facing the complex nature of this situation strategically within the parameters of our campus and in accordance with our guiding principles. We have also developed contingency plans to respond to situations that may emerge in a timely and effective manner in conjunction with the Rhode Island Department of Health.

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Move-In and Week of Welcome

All new students, including first-year and transfer students, will move in Tuesday, Sept. 1 and Wednesday, Sept. 2 to coincide with Week of Welcome activities. Returning students will move in Sunday, Sept. 6 and Monday, Sept. 7.

All move-ins will be scheduled in three-hour shifts. Two family members from the same household will be allowed to accompany each student during the move-in process. New students should register for a move-in date and time in MyHousing by 4 p.m. Monday, Aug. 10. Each shift will be limited to 25 students per residence hall, and students will receive an approval email for the time they have chosen. The scheduling tool for returning students will be available shortly.

Week of Welcome for new students has been redesigned to allow for social distancing. Students will be assigned to groups of 20 or fewer based on their First Year Transitions course. Students will stay in these groups throughout the week and will be assigned to one or two peer mentors who will accompany their activities.

Residence Halls and Additional Housing

Salve Regina must take steps to mitigate the risk of students living in close proximity. Most of our residence hall rooms will be designated as single or double occupancy, with some triples or quads where square footage is large enough to support social distancing requirements.

All first-year students will remain on campus, with Hunt Hall now designated for first-year housing. Sophomores who had planned to reside in Hunt Hall or who are impacted by de-densification needs will be relocated to on-campus apartments or may choose to relocate to the Newport Marriott. Salve Regina has contracted with the Newport Marriott to resolve the need for additional rooms and to accommodate juniors and seniors who had opted not to live in off-campus apartments.

Residence halls and the rooms at Newport Marriott will remain open for Thanksgiving, spring and Easter breaks to provide students the opportunity to remain on campus rather than travel. Students will complete an extended stay form in order to track those who will remain on campus. At this time, travel is not prohibited should students wish to do so during the break periods.

Fall Festival Weekend

Fall Festival Weekend - Salve Regina's family weekend and alumni homecoming - originally scheduled for the first weekend in October, has been postponed. The Office of Alumni, Parent and Family Programs hopes to offer a similar event during the spring 2021 semester, and will provide further information as it becomes available.

Room and Board Credits

Partial credits of room and board for the spring 2020 semester were posted to student accounts in April. Depending on the student’s financial aid and meal plan/housing charges, credits ranged from 35-45 percent of the total room/board and meal plan charges. If the credit created a surplus (credit balance) on the student account, families had several options to receive or apply this surplus.

These included:

  • Keep the surplus on the account to use toward fall 2020 semester charges. This was the
  • Apply the surplus to the returning student deposit, which was due May 1.
  • Reduce your student and/or parent loan.
  • Request that the surplus be issued through a mailed check or direct deposit.
  • Donate the surplus to Salve Regina's Mercy Emergency Relief Fund, which supports individuals within the University community in times of great need.