Aug. 4 - To the Salve Regina community: Miley, the dining experience and meal plans

The fall semester is right around the corner – in less than three weeks, many of our student leaders will return to campus to prepare for move-in and Week of Welcome. With that in mind, we invite you to join President Kelli J. Armstrong and the campus readiness group on Thursday evening for our second town hall for students and families, which will address the final stages of our Back to Salve plan and discuss what you need to know about returning to campus. Please register to join us if you can.

This week’s update will focus on dining and meal plans for the upcoming academic year. Salve Regina contracts its food service to Sodexo, which has developed national solutions for food service in higher education amid the coronavirus pandemic. Although dining spaces have been reconfigured and food service operations have been reimagined, we would like to assure you that all dining locations and menu options will still be available.

In general, the Miley dining hall will serve the same variety and rotation of menu items, and will continue to accommodate all dietary needs and restrictions. Takeout options will be available at every station and overflow seating will be available in the garden level of Miley Hall. Additional dining locations – Jazzman’s/Sandella’s, McKillop Library Cafe and Miley Mart/Starbucks – will retain their regular operating hours, and new online ordering options will be available.

In this video, join Sodexo general manager Mark Rodrigues to learn more about the dining experience for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Miley and the Dining Experience

  • Dining locations throughout campus have been reconfigured according to Rhode Island Department of Health guidelines. All dining tables will be spaced at least eight feet apart and plexiglass will be added to booths for additional protection.
  • Social distancing will be encouraged at all dining locations. In Miley Hall, stickers will be placed throughout the lobby and dining hall to keep students six feet apart and establish one-way foot traffic.
  • Sodexo staff will be on hand to help guide students throughout the Miley dining hall during peak times.
  • Reservations will not be required or offered for any dining location on campus. If seating is not available in the Miley dining hall during peak times, overflow seating will be available in the garden level of Miley.
  • All food stations will offer a takeout option for students who wish to take their meals to another location on campus or back to their residence hall.
  • While cleanliness has always been of highest priority, Sodexo will increase its cleaning and sanitizing schedules to meet or exceed all Centers for Disease Control and state of Rhode Island guidelines.
  • All tables and chairs will be cleaned between each use with EPA-approved peroxide, and high touch points and food service areas will be frequently sanitized.
  • Sodexo has implemented a new online ordering system which will allow students to order and pay online for quick and convenient pickup at dining locations such as Starbucks and the McKillop Library cafe.
  • All Sodexo employees will receive multiple trainings before returning to work, and will be issued adequate PPE.

Students who have questions or concerns about the dining experience should contact general manager Mark Rodrigues at (401) 341-2350 or

Meal Plans and the Newport Marriott

  • Salve Regina offers a variety of meal plans, from a 5-meal plan designed for off-campus residents to an unlimited meal plan, which is the required plan for all first-year students.
  • For the 2020-2021 academic year, all sophomores will be required to carry the 14-meal plan regardless of an upgrade to an apartment on campus or relocation to the Newport Marriott.
  • Juniors and seniors who have been relocated to the Newport Marriott will be upgraded to the 14-meal plan at no additional cost.
  • The Newport Marriott will have small refrigerators in each room, along with microwaves in the common areas near the ice machines.
  • Students living at the Newport Marriott may bring their own microwave (up to 1,000 watts). Other types of kitchen appliances are not allowed.

Students who have questions or concerns about their meal plan should contact the Business Office at (401) 341-2900 or

As a reminder, Salve Regina will continue to provide weekly updates pertaining to the 2020-2021 academic year throughout the summer, most often on Tuesday afternoons. New information will also be added to the Back to Salve website as details are finalized. For general comments, questions or concerns, please email or call (401) 341-2329.