Aug. 11 - To the Salve Regina community: Travel advisory and frequently asked questions

Thank you to the students and families who joined our second town hall with President Kelli J. Armstrong and members of the campus readiness group last week. If you were unable to attend, you can now watch the full town hall online. Today's update will also address questions that were not answered during the town hall due to time limitations.

Travel Advisories

Massachusetts recently added Rhode Island to its travel advisory. As a result, individuals traveling to or returning to Massachusetts from Rhode Island are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative coronavirus test. Connecticut, New Jersey and New York have removed Rhode Island from their travel advisories as of today.

Rhode Island's leadership has been very aggressive in seeking to curtail the spread of the virus, and Salve Regina is hopeful that the state will be removed from the Massachusetts travel advisory prior to the fall semester. However, while the advisory is in place, students are strongly encouraged to defer non-essential travel to Massachusetts. Students who must travel can schedule a test through the Rhode Island Department of Health at Results should be available within 24-48 hours.

Generally, this advisory does not apply to:

  • Transitory travel, meaning that family members should not be subject to quarantine or testing if they travel for less than 24 hours to assist with move-in. Family members who are planning to stay overnight should contact their chosen hotel for additional guidance.
  • Students who work in Massachusetts during the semester. Individuals who cross state lines for work are usually exempt from travel advisories, but students should consult with their employer for additional guidance.
  • Students and families who are passing through Massachusetts for a limited duration while traveling to Salve Regina.

Students and families should always refer to their home state's travel advisory for the latest guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all undergraduate students included in the pre-semester self-quarantine?
Yes. Salve Regina is asking all undergraduate students who do not need to participate in the mandatory quarantine on campus to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to campus. This includes Rhode Island residents, off-campus students, etc. This is a difficult ask, but what we have learned from other openings is that if students do not do their best to self-quarantine prior to arrival, the likelihood of Salve Regina detecting positive cases of coronavirus during the move-in process will be significantly higher. Read more about the self-quarantine and the Salve pledge.

Can all courses be taken remotely? Is there a deadline to choose the remote learning option?
Yes. Undergraduate and graduate courses will be offered in two modalities: in the classroom and remotely to allow for students to attend in person or virtually as circumstances change. All faculty are preparing their fall courses to accommodate students who are learning remotely, allowing students to keep their current course schedule even if they do not return to campus. Undergraduate students who decide to learn remotely should email Page Cote in the Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office as soon as possible. Graduate students who decide to learn remotely should email Tiffany McClanaghan in the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education as soon as possible.

Will any of my courses be offered exclusively online? How will I know?
Possibly. Some fall courses will be offered exclusively online, particularly in situations where faculty members are unable to teach on campus due to identified risk factors. Students can visit My Salve to see which courses will be taught online. Students who wish to add or drop an exclusively online course can change their schedule in My Salve or contact their faculty advisor for assistance.

Will students in majors such as education and social work continue with their clinicals and community placements?
At this point in time, yes. Students in these programs will continue with their community clinicals in accordance with placement guidelines. Students will receive more information from their professors and department chairs.

Why is the University not moving to remote learning after Thanksgiving?
Salve Regina has prepared to address a variety of scenarios as they arise without interruption to the academic schedule. Academically, we have planned for a dual modality delivery option that will allow courses to continue online in a seamless manner should the need arise. For this reason, we feel we do not need to modify our Thanksgiving schedule at this time. Residence halls will remain open for Thanksgiving break in order for students to remain on campus rather than travel if they so choose.

Can I see photos of my residence hall room and common areas?
The Office of Residence Life will post photos of Hunt/Reefe, Miley and Walgreen halls, along with the rooms at the Newport Marriott, on its Facebook and Instagram accounts. While Residence Life is unable to provide photos of every room on campus, upperclassmen are reminded that they can view floor plans and layouts in MyHousing.

In the residence halls, which bathrooms and common areas are cleaned by housekeeping staff? Do I need to bring my own cleaning supplies?
Miley Hall's common bathrooms will be cleaned twice daily and Walgreen Hall's suite bathrooms will be cleaned daily on weekdays. Students residing in Hunt and Reefe halls are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms as well as bringing their own cleaning supplies. Toilet paper will be supplied to all resident students, and all common bathrooms across campus will be supplied with soap. At the Newport Marriott, housekeeping staff will vacuum rooms and clean bathrooms on a weekly basis.

Can parents and families assist with move-in?
Yes. Two family members from the same household will be allowed to accompany each student during the move-in process. When families arrive on campus, they should proceed directly to the parking area adjacent to their residence hall, where they will receive further instruction from Residence Life and Safety and Security staff. Students and families will be required to wear face coverings during move-in.

If I have an early move-in time, do I need to vacate my residence hall while other students are moving in?
Students are asked to move all belongings into their space within their designated move-in time. Family members/helpers should depart soon after their student's move-in time is completed. While students and families will not be required to leave the building during later move-in times, they will need to abide by social distancing. Students who have already moved in are asked to limit their movement in the hallways, as others will be moving in during later times.

After I move in, can I leave campus to shop locally or visit a restaurant with my family?
Yes. Students and family may shop locally and visit local restaurants as long as they are abiding by any quarantine policies that may be in place for the area they are traveling from.

Will Salve Regina offer or require the flu vaccine this winter?
Salve Regina strongly encourages all members of the University community to receive the flu vaccine when it becomes available. The University will offer several flu vaccine clinics on campus this fall, and more information will be distributed as dates are confirmed.

What is the threshold of positive cases that would prompt a move to remote learning?
Using specific guidance from the Rhode Island Department of Health, Salve Regina has adopted a layered approach to the health and well-being of everyone on campus. One case or even several cases will not prompt the closing of campus if we can trace the path of spread. That is why Salve Regina is conducting daily health screenings, offering free testing to those who need it, maintaining quarantine housing for those who are awaiting test results, conducting surveillance testing among the campus population, and deploying its own contact tracing team as soon as a positive case is identified. The system has been developed to isolate a case or cases before they grow into an outbreak. If we find positive cases where we can't identify the path of infection, then we would begin conversations with state officials about closing. We have found the public health professionals at the Rhode Island Department of Health to be great partners in this process.

Will public spaces such as McKillop Library and Rodgers Recreation Center be open and accessible?
Yes, with new procedures in place to allow for social distancing. More information will distributed as further details are confirmed.

Will masks or face coverings be provided to the University community?
Students should plan to bring their own masks and face coverings, but Salve Regina will also have a supply available for members of the University community who may need them.

Salve Regina will continue to provide weekly updates pertaining to the 2020-2021 academic year throughout the summer, most often on Tuesday afternoons. New information will also be added to the Back to Salve website as details are finalized. For general comments, questions or concerns, please email or call (401) 341-2329.