April 3 - To the Salve Regina community: Face coverings while on campus

The Rhode Island Department of Health recently recommended that all people cover their faces to prevent the spread of illness when in public, especially when in proximity to other people.

With that in mind, effective Monday, April 6, all Salve Regina employees and students must cover their faces while inside campus buildings and outdoors on campus in close proximity to others. This includes all commons areas, hallways, lobbies, bathrooms, entranceways and exits. It does not apply to private office spaces or residence hall rooms where employees or students are alone.

Salve Regina strongly recommends that off-campus residents also consider covering their faces any time they are not in their off-campus residence, including when they are outside or going to the store.

The Centers for Disease Control has announced that surgical masks, dust masks, handkerchiefs, towels and clothing are all acceptable barriers to spreading the illness. Covering your face will not protect you from contracting the illness, but will prevent you from spreading viral particles to others if you are asymptomatic.

Also effective Monday, April 6, the front door of Tobin Hall will be locked at all times. Staff who need keys or gas cards should call dispatch at (401) 341-2325 for assistance. Keys and gas cards should be returned in the drop box on the front porch of Tobin Hall.