April 23 - Coronavirus Mitigation Measures Beginning Friday, April 23

Dear Salve Regina community,

As communicated to undergraduate students yesterday, we have seen more than 30 positive cases of coronavirus among our undergraduate population in the past seven days. We remain deeply concerned regarding the ongoing rise in positive cases, the growing number of close contacts, and the growing need for quarantine and isolation within the undergraduate community.
Continued spread of the virus will ultimately affect Senior Week and Commencement activities. With the semester drawing to a close, your cooperation and ability to remain vigilant in order to keep our community healthy during this time is critical to our ending the academic year in the most positive way possible. As a mercy institution, we are counting on all of you to support one another and our surrounding communities for the common good.

The following measures will be implemented beginning this evening, April 23, at 9 p.m. in an attempt to mitigate further spread of the virus.

  • All meals on campus will move to the grab-and-go format.
  • Seating in the Starbucks Lounge will be closed.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in McKillop Library. The café will remain open for grab-and-go food options and the library will be open for studying during finals week.
  • Rodgers Recreation Center is closed for workouts.
  • All scheduled in-person events are cancelled through April 30.
  • All athletic activities and competition will be paused until further notice.
  • No guests will be allowed in residence hall rooms. This means that Salve students are not allowed to visit inside other Salve student rooms. Non-Salve individuals including family members are also not allowed to linger inside residence hall rooms, but they are able to assist with the moving process provided masks are worn and safety protocols are followed. Please limit the number of helpers to a maximum of two.
  • All finals (including review/study sessions) in Newport and Warwick will be moved to a virtual format. Those nursing courses with a physical assessment and oral exam component will remain in person.
  • Members of the senior class will participate in mandatory asymptomatic testing next week and throughout the first week in May leading to Commencement. An email communication regarding testing for seniors will be sent at a later date.

As we approach the final days of this challenging year, we hope that our Salve community will support one another and do what is needed to ensure the safety and health for all.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation so that we will have a strong finish to the spring semester and a joyous Commencement.