Academic Advising

Students at Salve Regina are advised by full-time faculty members. Students who indicate a preference for a specific major are assigned an academic advisor in that major who is trained to respond to the needs of first-year students. Students who wish to explore various courses of study before deciding on a major are assigned an advisor who is trained to help them choose a program of study that best fits their interests and goals.

In addition to having a faculty advisor, all new students are placed in a First-Year Transitions (FYT) course that introduces them to learning in a university context and to the various services offered at Salve Regina. The FYT course also facilitates the building of a supportive community of peers to ease the transition to Salve Regina. FYT instructors mentor incoming students, serving as an additional resource in their first year. Current Salve Regina students serve as FYT peer mentors and provide new students with the perspective of what it’s like to be a Salve Regina student.

Transfer students are assigned a faculty advisor within their intended major. Additionally, they are placed in a FYT course designed to introduce them to Salve Regina and deepen their understanding of Salve Regina's mission, as well as to ease their transition to a new university.

Advanced Placement Exams and Dual Credit Courses

Salve Regina awards college credit for Advanced Placement (AP) exams or college-level courses taken during high school. An AP score of 3 generally earns credit; however, some departments require a score of 4. Students must request official AP scores and official college transcripts be sent to the Office of the Registrar in order to receive academic credit and to avoid taking duplicate courses.

More information on AP courses/scores and academic credit.

Foreign Language Placement

Students who studied French, Italian or Spanish before coming to Salve Regina take a web-based exam during Orientation to determine their placement. Students who place beyond the sixth semester are exempt from the language requirement upon completion of a placement verification interview. Students who place into the sixth semester need only take one semester of that language. All other students must complete two semesters of the same language.

Students are not obligated to continue with a language they took before coming to Salve Regina and may begin a new language, but must complete two semesters of that language. Students who studied French, Italian or Spanish for three or more years prior to matriculation cannot take the Elementary I course of that language. Any student with three or more years of study who scores into the Elementary I level will automatically be placed into the Elementary II level.

Students who studied a language other than French, Italian or Spanish in high school do not need to take the language placement exam. Those students will be manually placed based on analysis of their high school transcript. Students who exceed the level of courses offered at Salve Regina - which is often the case - must take a new language that they have not studied previously.