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    Led by President Jane Gerety, RSM, cadets in Salve Regina's Army ROTC program conduct a battalion ruck march through campus.

Salve Regina offers the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program in cooperation with the University of Rhode Island. The program is normally taken in sequence over four years, but convenient options are also available for two- and three-year programs.

Coursework emphasizes the development of individual leadership ability and prepares students for future leadership roles in the Army. Professional military education skills such as written communications, human behavior, history, mathematical reasoning and other skills are fulfilled through the combination of Core Curriculum and military science courses.

Significant performance-based scholarships are available. Enrollment in ROTC courses does not constitute joining the U.S. Army, nor does it constitute an obligation to do so. However, physically qualified American citizens who complete the entire program are eligible to be commissioned in the U.S. Army. Delayed entry into active service for the purpose of graduate study is available.


Basic Course

In the basic course, students learn military skills and the fundamentals of leadership, and start the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader. Students may take basic courses without a military commitment.

The basic course totals eight credits and is comprised of two one-credit courses (taken in the first year) and two three-credit courses (taken in the second year). Coursework normally involves one elective class and lab each semester, along with the requisite physical training and field training exercises.

Course topics include an introduction to Army leadership, Army customs and traditions, military operations and tactics, goal setting and accomplishment, health and physical fitness, applied leadership theory, communications, the principles of war and military operations and tactics.

Leader's Training Course

A four-week paid summer internship held at Fort Knox in Kentucky, the leader’s training course is designed for students who want to complete their Army ROTC training in two years. Upon successful completion, students receive six credits and meet the requirements of the basic course, qualifying them for immediate enrollment in the advanced course. Completion of the leader’s training course may also qualify students for a two-year scholarship and/or a $5,000 bonus.

Advanced Course

In the advanced course, students learn advanced military tactics and gain experience in team organization, planning and decision-making. To benefit from the leadership training in the advanced course, students must have completed either the basic course or the leader’s training course. Enrolling in the advanced course requires a commitment to serve as an officer in the U.S. Army after graduation.

The advanced course totals 12 credits and is comprised of four three-credit courses. Coursework normally involves one elective class and lab each semester, along with the requisite physical training and field training exercises, plus a summer leadership camp.

Simultaneous Membership Program

The simultaneous membership program allows students to enroll in Army ROTC and serve in the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard at the same time, giving them an opportunity for additional training and experience. Students serve as officer trainees in the Reserve or National Guard while completing college, earning reserve/guard pay and benefits in addition to their Army ROTC allowances.