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For Faculty

Services for Faculty

  • Writing consultants conduct classroom visits for brief presentations about the Writing Center.
  • Faculty assignments for reference by writing consultants and students.
  • Writing Center session records that outline work covered in writing conference appointments.
  • Resource collection of books and handouts about writing across the curriculum.
  • Student workshops for small groups or entire classes on writing-related topics, if requested.
  • Timely response to inquiries, requests and problems.

Tips for Faculty

  • Students should be encouraged to seek help from the Writing Center at any stage in the writing process: gathering ideas, choosing a topic, locating sources, revising a draft or final proofreading. Students anticipating the need for several appointments during the production of a paper should be encouraged to start early.
  • The Writing Center shares space with the Academic Center for Excellence in the McKillop Library. When the center is open, writing consultants are available for immediate help and by appointment.
  • You are encouraged to notify the Writing Center of individual referrals. To ensure a productive conference, the center requests advance notice (2-3 days) of whole class assignments that require work with the center, as well as a copy of the writing assignment description.
  • Writing consultants provide help to student writers at any stage in the development of a paper. Student writers do their own composing and they are responsible for the accuracy and quality of the finished product, including accuracy of information and final proofreading.
  • When evaluating the written work of students who have been to the Writing Center, you are advised to review prior drafts and comment sheets, as well as the final paper, and to bear in mind that student improvement, no matter how gradual and uneven, deserves recognition.
  • You are invited to stop by the Writing Center to discuss student writing. Questions and suggestions are welcomed, and problems that are brought to our attention will receive prompt response. Staff training is ongoing, and your requests will be included whenever possible.
  • If you request or require an entire class to seek assistance at the Writing Center, we encourage you to notify the center. To ensure productive conferences, the center requests advance notice (2-3 days) of whole class assignments that require work with the Center, as well as a copy of the writing assignment itself.