Social Work

The Department of Social Work immerses students in the study of social work and its role in today's multicultural society through a comprehensive and exciting blend of coursework and fieldwork.

Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education for nearly 30 years, our program is designed to meet national standards for undergraduate social work education and for beginning generalist professional practice.

Small classes, taught by an accomplished faculty, explore topics ranging from human behavior to social welfare policy. Fieldwork in such settings as state and local human services agencies, hospitals, long-term care facilities and schools is an essential part of our curriculum, allowing students to translate classroom theory into real-world applications.

Majors complete at least 660 hours of practical experience - beginning with community-based service learning projects as freshmen, continuing with internships as juniors and seniors, and culminating with capstone research projects - that fosters in them a deeper appreciation for human diversity and dignity and teaches them to advocate for social justice.

With a challenging curriculum and a rigorous internship requirement, our program prepares students for professional careers and for graduate school, where they often enter prestigious programs with advanced standing.

Majors and Minors