• Outside the Classroom

    Inspired by a love for learning, Brandon Harrington ’16 has pursued independent study throughout his time at Salve Regina.


  • A Mission to Heal

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    Matthew DeMatteo '14, who cultivated his education with hard work and a desire to understand the big questions, is building upon his Salve Regina experience at Liberty University's College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Religious and Theological Studies

The Department of Religious and Theological Studies offers students a deep intellectual engagement with the Christian religious tradition, including our Catholic heritage, as well as a rich, comparative approach to the great religious traditions of the world.

To both majors and minors, we offer four optional areas of focus - Christian theology, Scripture, ethics and world religions - allowing them to choose a path of study that best meets their needs and captures their interests.

Beyond the classroom, we sponsor activities that complement our curriculum - from bringing to the University guest speakers who explore the relevant religious issues of the day to sponsoring study abroad courses in destinations such as Belize, Turkey and Israel.

Our graduates possess a strong liberal arts foundation for postgraduate work, including the study of religion, history or law, as well as careers in social services, education, business and church-related contexts.

Course Spotlight

Existentialism and Religion

Department of Religious and Theological Studies

Existentialism takes the realities of the human condition with extreme seriousness. It does not offer platitudes to ease the burden of life, but rather views direct human experience as profoundly important. Existentialism demands an intense gaze at the harsh, unvarnished realities of the world in which we live, and often seems depressing or nihilistic. But if honest, one may discover personal meaning, forge courage and find hope even in the most empty moments of human experience. All of this has obvious and significant...