The Pell Center conducts and popularizes research across a broad sweep of domestic and international issues. Projects at the Pell Center are not intended to stay in the academy; rather they are, to borrow from Pell's credo, to generate ideas that can be translated into action to help people.

Cyber Leadership

As the world grows evermore dependent on information communications technologies, we have all become more susceptible to cyber threats that have the potential to touch, if not harm, every institution in American society. The nature of this new threat is so strategic, pervasive and precise that it warrants the attention of leaders in government, military and business, as well as the general public.

The Pell Center recognizes the need for cyber-strategic leadership and has launched various research and community engagement initiatives to help prepare America's institutional leaders for the complexities of operating in the digital age. Ongoing research seeks to identify and investigate key issues in leadership development across society and evaluate states and organizations' cyber preparedness levels, as well as recommend improvements so that the United States, as a society, is better prepared and more resilient to cyber threats.

The growing scope, volume, intensity and sophistication of cyber threats has also been accompanied by another realization: that there is a significant shortage of highly trained cybersecurity professionals ready to address the threat at hand and find common solutions, from the development of comprehensive cybersecurity strategies and policies to the creation of better engineered products and software. As part of the Pell Center's cyber leadership project, senior business leaders and government officials in Rhode Island and beyond are invited to attend the Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative (RICCI) event series and to engage in cybersecurity awareness and resilience training.

Salve Regina students interested in pursuing cybersecurity-related programs are also encouraged to attend RICCI seminars and explore these topics outside a classroom setting. Faculty members on campus and Pell Center fellows provide ongoing opportunities to participate in research projects and engage in leadership development initiatives.

Story in the Public Square

Storytelling is an ancient, yet underappreciated, element of public life. Although the mediums of storytelling continue to evolve and grow, stories are still used extensively as tools that encourage people to communicate and connect with one another. As a partnership between the Providence Journal and the Pell Center, Story in the Public Square is an initiative to study, celebrate and tell stories that matter.

Through scholarship, events and monthly special edition episodes of "White House Chronicle: Story in the Public Square," the Pell Center explores the critical influence of storytelling on public discourse. As part of this initiative, the Pell Center awards a prize each year to honor one distinguished storyteller for his or her enrichment of the public dialogue on an issue of great importance. Past winners include Emmy-winning screenwriter, producer and actor Danny Strong; neuroscientist and bestselling author Lisa Genova; and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Javier Manzano.

International Relations

The world today is a study in global contradictions. More people live in freedom than at any time in modern history, yet creeping authoritarianism threatens societies across the planet. Economic prosperity is up and famine is down, but conflicts over resources are all too real. Global challenges abound, but global institutions have too frequently failed to rise to the challenge. Research and events at the Pell Center are designed to seek a new path by studying not just what drives us apart, but what draws us together and what we all can learn from our shared humanity.

Public Policy

With tensions mounting over a lack of social justice, it is increasingly evident that the public policy issues facing the United States are countless and varied. In recognition of this fact of American life, the Pell Center utilizes the strengths of a distinguished faculty at Salve Regina in order to conduct research and support projects intended to have an immediate and enduring benefit to the American people through sound analysis, better governance and heightened civic awareness.