Global Challenges

The big questions in public policy today are too often viewed from just one national perspective. Yet, many of the challenges facing the United States today are not unique to this country. The Pell Center project on global challenges examines difficult public issues from an international perspective. Through studies and events, we explore issues in health care, education, aging, criminal justice and more in order to understand how other modern, industrial societies deal with the same critical challenges. In understanding the global response to these issues, we may find lessons for American policy makers. At minimum, we’ll deepen the understanding of our shared human experience.

The High Cost of Higher Education

The American model of paying for a college education has led to $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. For the most part, college students in other modern industrial societies graduate with far less debt and even no debt at all.

"Incarceration and Recidivism"

By Carolyn W. Deady

Locking up the same people over and over points to failure in the American penal system. Other industrial societies have a different approach to incarceration—some with demonstrably better outcomes than the U.S. model.