Spiritual Enrichment

Bible Study

Students can meet with fellow students in the context of a small faith community to reflect on the sacred Scriptures or participate in a study group examining specific books or themes of the Bible. Bible study allows interested students to learn more about the Bible and to integrate the word of God into their daily life. Bibles and study resources are provided.

"Faith in Action" Evenings

Current students and alumni visit the Mercy Center for Spiritual Life to share their real-life experiences of putting faith into action. These inspirational members of the University community live by the values and precedents of the Salve Regina mission statement in conjunction with Catholic social teaching. Each has helped transform the world in his or her own way.

"Faith and Food" Evenings

Members of the faculty, staff and administration are invited to the Mercy Center for Spiritual Life to host informal presentations about their various faith traditions and how they personally live out their faith. Students share a home-cooked meal and then participate in a lively and informative dialogue with each presenter.


The Mercy Center for Spiritual Life offers two major retreats; the “Connections” Retreat which is open to freshmen and new students, and our Winter Retreat which is open to the entire student body regardless of religious affiliation. While the retreats vary in content and topic, all are designed to help students to focus on their spiritual life and to center themselves in God. Students, staff and invited guests prepare the talks.

Sacramental Preparation and Joining the Catholic Church

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a program for those who want to receive the sacraments of initiation - baptism, Holy Eucharist and/or confirmation - in the Roman Catholic Church. The process enables participants to become a member of the Catholic Church or, for those already baptized in the Catholic Church, to complete sacramental instruction.

Sacramental preparation begins during the fall semester and culminates in April. Throughout the year, members of the Salve Regina community journey and study with students who wish to make this commitment. Through the preparation, students grow in their understanding of Scripture, sacraments, prayer and the church and deepen their relationship with God.

Servant Leadership for Life

Students receive training modeled on the leadership of Jesus Christ. Students of all beliefs are encouraged to draw upon their own faith traditions. Topics include active listening and communication skills, leadership styles, team building techniques, consensus seeking, leading small group discussions, presentation skills, personality tests, delegation and empowering others.