Combined Bachelor's/Master's Program

The joint bachelor's/master's program is designed for the University's highly motivated, academically talented and qualified undergraduates. Students are expected to perform at a graduate level, which demands academic rigor, maturity and excellent communication skills.

Applicants should be undergraduates at the junior level with a minimum 3.30 cumulative GPA. Qualified students are encouraged to contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education for more information.


  • M.S. in administration of justice (5 years)
  • M.A. in applied behavior analysis (5 years)
  • MBA: Master of Business Administration (5 years)
  • M.A. in clinical rehabilitation and mental health counseling (6 years)
  • M.S. in health care administration and management (5 years)
  • M.A. in holistic clinical mental health counseling (6 years)
  • M.A. in holistic counseling (6 years)
  • M.A. in holistic leadership (5 years)
  • M.A. in humanities (6 years)
  • M.S. in innovation and strategic management (5 years)
  • M.A. in international relations (5 years)
  • M.A. in rehabilitation counseling (5.5 years)

To apply, students must submit the following to the graduate admission office:

  • Graduate application (due by Feb. 15 of your junior year).
  • Personal statement: Essay of 1-2 pages discussing your interest in pursuing a graduate degree program.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members.
  • Resume.