CGS in Health Care Administration and Management

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Our Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) programs provide students with opportunities for professional development without the formal pursuit of a graduate degree.

The CGS in health care administration and management is designed to meet the educational and career-related needs of individuals who are currently employed in the health care industry or a related field. To earn this certificate, students complete four courses (12 credits) from the program’s core curriculum. Specific courses are selected with approval from the program director.

Core curriculum courses include:

  • HCA500: Research Methods
  • HCA501: Introduction to Health Care
  • HCA505: Health Care Marketing
  • HCA509: Human Resources Management
  • HCA519: Health Care Finance
  • HCA525: Ethics for Health Professionals
  • HCA528: Health Policy
  • HCA533: Health Law
  • HCA543: Public Health Administration
  • HCA547: Application of Health Care Management Theory
  • HCA570: Internship and Seminar in Health Care Administration and Management

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