Service Plunge

A community service retreat scheduled for Sept. 2-6, Service Plunge 2015 will provide students with a challenging and fun opportunity to lead and learn through active experiences. Through direct and indirect service, “plungees” will learn the importance of service, social justice and civic engagement. They will also meet community needs, identify and build upon community assets, and share their experiences with the campus community.

Service Plunge Facilitators

Service Plunge facilitators take charge of service events, lead by example, and act as role models to the group. They attend all meetings, respond promptly to emails and serve as advocates for the Office of Community Service. Facilitators are required to attend the facilitator training retreat scheduled for May 11-14.


  • April: One meeting TBD
  • April-May: Independent planning (two meetings TBD)
  • May 11-14: Facilitator training retreat. Community partner site visits, facilitator bonding, leadership activities, promotional planning for Service Plunge and service activities on campus.
  • June: Promote Service Plunge during freshmen orientations (anyone who can attend)
  • July 6: Participant applications due
  • July 10: Service Plunge participant decisions made (acceptance letters emailed or mailed out to students)
  • Aug. 31 to Sept. 1: Facilitators return to campus to prepare for Service Plunge