Service Advocates

The Service Advocates program offers outstanding students the opportunity to participate in a yearlong civic engagement and service program, providing them with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to become active leaders.

Service Advocates participate in regular training, direct service and reflection activities. They practice valuable leadership in the Aquidneck Island community, endeavor to promote a positive culture of service, and increase volunteerism at local nonprofits.

Students in the program perform approximately 100 hours of direct community service at their primary site. They also receive a stipend of $1,000 per year towards their education.

Ideal candidates for the Service Advocates program are dedicated, passionate and motivated students who are seeking to make positive changes across campus and in the community.


  • Full time undergraduate student in good academic standing
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Currently open to all freshmen

Program Rules

  • Must complete the online application
  • Must attend all required meetings
  • Must sign the Service Advocates contract
  • No extensions will be granted past May 3, 2016
  • Must remain in good academic standing for both semesters
  • Students may not be paid for their service hours
  • Students cannot use service hours as federal student employment hours
  • Hours must be approved by the program director prior to completion
  • Students who transfer mid-semester will not be eligible for funding

Program Breakdown

Primary Service Hours

Service Advocates must complete 100 hours of direct service between Aug. 31, 2015 and May 1, 2016 at an agreed-upon service site. The Office of Community Service will determine sites for service. All hours must be submitted and approved weekly through the community service tracking system in My Salve.

Tell Your Story

At the end of each semester, Service Advocates will have the opportunity to inspire faculty, staff, fellow students and community partners by presenting their community impact.

Office of Community Service Involvement

Throughout each semester, Service Advocates will be required to hold one office hour per week in the Office of Community Service. The purpose is to build student traffic in the office and to build community amongst the students in the program. While in the office, students will perform any tasks needed for their service projects, hold meetings with students about service, complete marketing materials for upcoming events, and be a presence in the office.

Monthly Meetings

An important part of the experience, monthly group meetings will allow Service Advocates to share their service experiences, discuss current events surrounding community engagement and learn more about the issues surrounding Rhode Island and Aquidneck Island. Some meetings will include the primary community partner supervisors.

Group Service

Service Advocates will work as a team during the year to organize, promote and facilitate one group project to help advocate the core values of the Sisters of Mercy.

Individual Service Projects

Each semester, Service Advocates will promote, organize and serve as the primary site leader for two service projects. Students will have the opportunity to choose their projects at the beginning of each semester. General duties will include:

  • Taking attendance on the vans
  • Introducing the students to the community partner
  • Confirming the site project
  • Providing a brief synopsis of the community partner
  • Helping participants submit their service hours online