First Year Experience

The Center for Student Development recognizes the importance of students' transition into college life. First year students meet new people, learn more about themselves, discover new ideas, collaborate with professors and live on their own for, perhaps, the first time.

The First Year Experience focuses on helping students identify campus resources and student services, demonstrate life skills that lead to success, find possible learning opportunities outside of the classroom and analyze talents and interests in relation to exploring and/or selecting a major.


Explorientation is a collaborative and required welcoming program consisting of activities that support students in meeting people, learning about Salve Regina and its campus and preparing for a successful year in college before classes begin. During Explorientation, new students meet their First Year Experience mentor, a current student who co-facilitates the New Student Seminar and has volunteered to support students as they transition into Salve Regina's social and scholarly community.

New Student Seminar

During their first academic year at Salve Regina, students enroll in the New Student Seminar, a one-credit course designed to develop the skills and attitudes - both academic and social - that are crucial to becoming a successful college student and a contributor to one's community.

First-year students are grouped into small learning communities enrolled in three common courses, providing them with a core of resources: the three instructors of the portal, literature and seminar courses, along with the seminar's mentor. These courses explore themes of personal and social responsibility, as well as personal wellness and social justice.

The three common courses:

  • New Student Seminar (fall semester)
  • Seeking Wisdom
  • What it Means to be Human

First Year Experience Mentors

First Year Experience mentors are sophomores, juniors or seniors who volunteer to co-facilitate the first-year seminar with a New Student Seminar instructor. Mentors serve as a resource to new and first-year students and provide students with a perspective of life at Salve Regina. The relationships that new students form with their mentors are admirable and advantageous.