Room Selection

Sophomore Room Selection

As a residential institution, Salve Regina places great value on the contributions a quality residential experience can make to the development of a student. Experience has shown that campus residency in the first two years of a student's college career is crucial to their personal growth and refinement of social skills. As a result, the University has designed specific policies to enable students to fully reap the benefits of participating in our campus community.

All freshmen and sophomores who are not commuting to campus from their parent's homes are guaranteed housing and are required to live on campus. Students who are allowed to commute from their parent's home and fail to adhere to the definition of that status are billed for room and board. To assure compliance, the University reserves the right to verify a student's address at any time. It is important that students understand this policy to avoid any additional charges.

Sophomore Pell Scholar Room Selection

To build a learning and living community, students are housed with fellow Pell Scholars during their first two years of their academic careers. The sophomore Pell Scholars room selection is designed specifically to meet the needs of Pell Scholars. As a Pell Scholar, you are given the opportunity to live in the Young Building and Wallace Hall. By living with your classmates, you are provided with a unique opportunity to form meaningful, long-lasting relationships centered on a shared pursuit of understanding.

Junior/Senior Room Selection

Junior/senior room selection takes place in February. Juniors and seniors who choose to live on campus enjoy free laundry facilities, gym access and wireless Internet and don't need to worry about extra off-campus expenses such as cable, heat and electricity. Living on campus is also stress-free when it comes to finding a parking space - which is often a challenge for students living downtown.

Living on campus allows students to take advantage of all the University has to offer, including activities, movies, concerts, sporting events and support services. For more information, contact the Office of Campus Life at (401) 341-2210 or We are happy to help you.

Room Draw FAQ

What buildings can I choose to live in?

Floor charts will be posted in My Salve and outside the Office of Campus Life. Open houses will be held before the scheduled room selection date.

How is my time to select a room determined?

A computer-generated program randomly assigns selection times to all registered students participating in room selection.

How do I know what selection time I have been assigned?

Your room selection time will be sent to your Salve Regina e-mail address.

What if I have a conflict and cannot attend my room selection time?

You may elect to find a person to select your room for you or a member of the Campus Life staff will choose for you if you cannot send anyone in your place.

What do I need to bring with me to room selection?

Your current Salve Regina student ID.

What is the process once I get to room selection?

You will be required to check in and the Resident Advisors or a professional Campus Life staff member will direct you through the process.

How do I make sure my intended roommate gets to choose the same room as I do?

Once you decide who you want to live with next year, you should compare selection times. The person with the best time will act as the lead person during the process and they will "pull in" the rest of the roommates. You should show up with the person who has the best time.

What happens next?

When your name/time is called, you and your roommate(s) will enter the selection room and choose your room. Make sure you have a few options, as your first choice may not be available. You will choose a meal plan, sign your housing contract and then you're finished.

If my first choice is a single room and there are none left when my time is called, what happens?

All students should come to room selection with a few options in mind. If at the time of room selection there are no available singles you can request to be put on a waiting list. Campus Life will contact you by e-mail if a space becomes available. Please keep in mind a space may not become available until the summer.

I am transferring and will not be using my room selection time. Can I give my time to another student?

Room selection times are not transferrable. If you are not participating in the room selection process we will skip your time and move on to the next student.

Can my roommate and I choose a triple room as a double?

Your group must be equal to the number of beds available in the room you are selecting. If for some reason there are only triples left at the time of your selection, we will offer you the option to choose a third roommate or a third roommate will be assigned.