Salve Card

The Salve Card is utilized on campus for purchases in the Miley cafeteria, Jazzman's Cafe, Global Cafe, Miley Mart/Starbucks, the Sullivan Fitness Center, various laundry and vending machines, Health Services (prescription payment), bookstore, library (Xerox and microfilm) and the mailroom. The card may also be used at the off campus locations listed below.

If the card is lost, it can be disabled almost immediately. All lost cards should be reported to the Office of Safety and Security.

Deposits can be made to the Salve Card online with MasterCard or Visa, in person at the Business Office with cash or check, or by mail with a check. Students can also use the cash-to-card machine located on the first floor of Miley Hall just outside of the cafeteria. Salve Cards may not be used as a cash card. Money deposited will remain until the student leaves Salve Regina. Any money left on the card when a student leaves the University will be returned to the student tuition account if the balance is over $5.